Messaging apps for an Android

Messaging apps for an Android

The introduction of tablets and smartphones has transformed the manner in which people keep in touch with one another in the social circles. The days when texting just meant web chats via certain IM apps on personal computers (PC) are long gone. The current generation has new messaging apps which uses internet connectivity to send messages from one mobile device to another. This virtually makes messaging a free service with an added advantage of being accessible everywhere. The following are some of the popular messaging apps that can be used in your android tablet:


Whatsapp has millions of users globally

Whatsapp has millions of users globally

This is an android application which was established in 2009 and has above 400 million users globally. The idea behind its operation is very simple. It just uses the number of the phone that is associated with the android tablet device to identify a person uniquely on its network. Thereafter, the apps scan the contact list and give a list of all the users who have Whatsapp on their tablets and have signed up. Besides texting messages, the users of Whatsapp can use it to send images, audio and video messages via the internet. The recent statistics show that this application manages at least ten billion messages each day. The good thing with Whatsapp is that it does not require any hoisting and money in the android system.

Google Hangouts

Google hangouts was initial established as a video conferencing device with a strict integration with Google +. Nevertheless, over the past few years, Voice and Google Talk applications have been incorporated with Google Hangouts which currently serve as a unified messaging application. The android application is mainly designed to efficiently work with tablets and can switch between simple text mode and high resolution video chatting.


This is one of the several applications that have transformed the messaging industry. The WeChat app has a USP which is based on the idea that it supports various languages thus making it famous amongst the many non-English native speakers using android devices. Besides texting, it also supports social network plugins, group conferences and voice messages.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger

Facebook messenger

Facebook messenger is another application which can be used to chat with the friends that an individual has on Facebook. This app also integrates perfectly with the tablet and web app versions of the initial social networking sites.

The above android messaging apps works effectively on android tablets and if you are looking for good ways to message, then considers using the above messaging apps on your android tablet.

Broken promises

Broken promises

Most if not all relationships are built on trust and compromise. No matter how perfect a relationship is there will always be a need to compromise, because even if s/he is your soul mate, you two are still two totally different people with different tastes on different things. If you really love that person you would always find a way to make things work, and sometimes you would be willing to do make way for your partner.
But then there are some people who will take advantage of a partner who would give in to anything his/her partner wishes. A most common way people get what they want from their partner is emotional blackmail, and sometimes you will not even notice that you are being blackmailed emotionally. So read on for some warning signs that your partner may be subjecting you to emotional blackmail.

The manipulative Naysayer to your decisions

Of course when we want to do something, especially something big like for example working abroad or far from where you are with your partner or where your partner is, asides from your family your partner will be one of the first people to know about your decisions. And despite being supportive and happy with whatever makes you happy, they get upset and very negative.

They could put you on a guilt trip on how they will be lonely without you near them or some other kind of excuse to make you think that you are making a bad decision. They will not say it outright that they do not want you to do it but all the other signs are there, you will be able to tell when you see that your partner is more negative than usual and telling you all but the disadvantages of whatever decision you want but they do not.

Mister/Miss Drama Queen/King announces his/her pain

Violent outburst and manipulative behavior

Violent outbursts and manipulative behavior

With the help of social media websites this is a little more common than before, and not to mention easier. Take for example you had a fight with your partner about something and the two of you are at a stand-off and not talking. You open your Facebook to try and clear your head, and lo and behold s/he has already posted a status ranting about how insensitive you are, how you do not care about him/her, etc.

Of course his/her friends do not know the whole story, they just read the status and assume that you are the villain of the story. S/he can make the status seem very one-sided, and no one would really know that the cause for the fight is actually the person who posted the status unless you step in and comment or whatever. But usually instead of doing that people just give in to their partner’s demands to save all the drama. Watch out for this.


S/he will threaten for physical harm

In most extreme cases some people threaten to hurt themselves or their partners in order for them to get what they want. This is basically a big red flag that your partner is an emotional blackmailer, and you should seriously get some couples counselling if ever this happens. Anything that involves getting people hurt, whether your partner or you, just for them to get what they want, is a tell-tale sign that your partner is definitely an emotional blackmailer.

You need to walk away from this relationship now

Get out while you can

When these signs or other signs that you think are signs of an emotional blackmailer show up do not wait for things to get worse. You should immediately bring you and your partner to couple counselling if you want to keep a healthy relationship that keeps the both of you happy.

Follow a healthy diet

Follow a healthy diet

Diabetic people are in a catch 22 situation. They should lose weight to control the blood sugar levels but if they are too aggressive in their approach, they may risk their health by sudden drop in the sugar levels. Therefore, here are few healthy techniques that can help diabetic people to lose weight.

High protein diet

Protein is known to regulate the blood sugar level in your body by digesting it slowly. Moreover, it makes you feel fuller and stops craving for food. Additionally, protein helps in building muscles in your body that can reduce your weight faster. Most popular diet plans advise dieters to have a high protein diet. Rich sources of protein are eggs, chicken, fish and lean beef. Non-vegetarians can get protein from soybeans, soymilk, lentils and beans.

Lowering your insulin level is a myth

Don't skip your insulin intake

Don’t skip your insulin intake

Lot of people suffering from diabetes are mistaken that lowering their administered insulin level will help them to reduce weight. Not only is this dangerous, it is also highly ineffective. The weight loss that you experience is because of dehydration and loss of water in your body, which is temporary. As you increase the insulin levels to normal, your body will retain water to make up for the loss of it due to dehydration.

Watch what you buy

Listen to your doctor and watch out for your health

Listen to your doctor and watch out for your health

As a diabetic, it is very important to be careful in buying your groceries. Check at the back of the box to read the labels stating the sugar levels. Some items misguide people and buyers by putting sugar as glucose, fructose, maple syrup or any other terminologies. Get used to sugar terminologies and buy smartly.

A good healthy breakfast is important

Doctors have always said that breakfast is the most important meal. If you are a diabetic, then the importance of breakfast goes up even more. Start your day with a healthy breakfast to keep the sugar levels in your body under check. Oatmeal is a perfect way to start your day. It is high in fiber and takes time to digest. It also regulates the blood sugar level in your body throughout the day by releasing energy slowly. However, stay away from white oats or oats with added flavors or sugar. If you want to make your oatmeal sweet, add honey to the meal.

Exercise but do not exert

A healthy diet and exercise are  a must

A healthy diet and exercise are a must

Right amount of exercise is the key for diabetes patients to control the blood sugar levels. If you exercise too less then the blood sugar levels may rise. However, if you exert too much the blood sugar levels may suddenly drop leading to dizziness and in some extreme cases may even cause a heart failure. Therefore, choose the right kind and type of exercise suited for you. Walking is best and preferably ask a doctor or health specialist for the right kind of exercise for you.

If you are a diabetic and your blood sugar levels fluctuates constantly, always carry a sugar testing kit with yourself and a small packet of sugar that you can pop in if the sugar level drops too much. These basic precautions can help you in times of distress.

Thinking about systemic investment plans?

Thinking about systematic investment plans?

Systemic investment plan is a procedure whereby an investor puts his or her money in a mutual fund (or investment account or some other investment) on a regular and ordered basis. The periods are always the same (monthly, yearly etc) and the amount invested is the same.

For example, an investor invests 200 dollars per month into a mutual fund X. It means that at the start of every month or on the agreed date, 200 dollars will be deposited in the account X. Consistency is the most important aspect and an investor should always stick to the rules and regulations.

Systemic investment plans advantages

1. It removes emotions from investment decisions

When investors have a chance to invest, they will always look for excuses of not investing. The hardest time to invest is always ‘Now’. If the market prizes are high, most investors will wait until the market prizes go down in order to invest. Maybe the market prizes may never come down and if the prizes were down as at the previous day, many investors will want to wait until the prizes stop dropping and stabilize. A systematic investment plan always removes the emotions that are involved. This is because, to be systemic, the bank fixes recurrent and regular dates. The investor follows the fixed date to the end.

2. A lower cost per share

A volatile market produces a lower average cost on each share than the real average cost per share. This is because the investors using a systematic investment plan buy fewer shares when the cost per share is high and more shares when the cost per share is low.

3. Greater wealth building and investment growth tool

Start building wealth

Start building wealth

Many systematic investment plans benefit from a long-term growth. This is not because of the investments made but because decisions are in an automatic manner. A systematic investment plan coerces the investor to stick to the process instead of allowing the decision formulation of investment amount and investment timing to randomness.

4. Any person, regardless of age, can make systemic investment plans. The funds option, investment amount and duration of investment may vary from one age group to another.

5. Systemic investment plan gives a chance to those who cannot invest a huge sum of money at once. It allows an investor to invest a small amount and get
substantial gains.

Disadvantages of a systematic investment plan

1. Systemic investment plans gives good returns when invested in an equity market as likened to debt funds.

Be successful in building wealth

Be successful in building wealth

2. If the market shares prize increase continuously, then the returns of the systemic investment plan will be low.

3. If some emergency expense occurs in a particular month, it is not easy to stop the systemic investment plan immediately. A systemic investment plan requires that you give a two-week notice for the plan to stop.

Engaging customers

Start engaging your customers

“You’re too late. A lot of changes have already taken place in the internet marketing landscape that you won’t be able to catch up. Good luck.” Don’t believe anyone who tells you that. It’s normal for every entrepreneur to feel overwhelmed at how much the concepts about internet marketing have developed. However, regardless of change, the basics of creating consumer engagement through internet marketing remain the same. Here’s what you can do to start engaging customers:

Your Website: Where is it?

This is debatable, so it’s up to you. Most people believe that even before you get a website, you can already establish your presence through social media. But think about this: if you attempt to engage potential customers through social media, you need a website to point them to. Why? Your website represents you as an owner, as a businessman, and as a company. It is an indication that both you and your business are real. The same logic follows applies to your products and services. So invest on a website; it will help you get out there.

Your Headline: A Head-turner

Turn to social media to engage customers

Turn to social media to engage customers

Who said that ads are the only ones that need to be attention-grabbing? You need to act like a celebrity at this point – only wiser. To seek the level of publicity you need, let your creative juices flowing or get a content writer to help you out. If you prefer to do things on your own, remember to do these: make your titles interesting enough to drive people to read your content; create titles that cause a sense of wonder among visitors; be humorous and appeal to your visitors’ light side; and finally, write a title that encourages a positive action to take place.

Your Visuals: Loud and Proud

When it comes using photos or videos, remember two words: high quality. Why? Photos or videos attract readers and it helps animates your content. If you have the makings of a photographer, snap a photo or two of your business. Work with creating a corporate video of your business, too. Both of these should be a mainstay on your website for visitors to get acquainted with you. If you want to, you can come up with text-only posts, but remember that it has to be eye-catching enough so visitors will read it.

Your Content: Vivid and Appealing

There has been a growing focus on quality content these days, and that works to your benefit. Just like writing a paper at school, you need to prepare high quality content that makes your readers give you an A. There are content writers out there who can help you craft relevant and engaging content that appeals to your target market. If you’re a writer, this should be right time to get your creativity flowing. Come up with compelling content that reflects your business’s values, your products or services, and the people you want to cater to.

Your Social Media Presence: Contagious and Consistent

A happy and Turn to social media to engaged customer

Social media is a great platform for engaging customers

There are a lot of social media platforms out there that accommodate business accounts for free. Use these channels to promote your business, to encourage people to take a sneak peek, and to prompt people to spread the word about your business’ existence. Engage visitors within your social media accounts by being responsive. When appropriate, include a link to your official website that they can visit. Thank those people who share, comment, and like your business page, your comments, your products, and everything else.

You’ve seen the basics, so you probably understand now why it’s not too late for every entrepreneur to start engaging customers online. What more can be said: “it’s your time to shine!”